Railway Connects China to Germany

China suppliers of high-value IT products are a safer and faster alternative to ship their items into Central Asia and Europe. But higher charges make the railway a nonviable choice for exporters in different industries.
Together with the introduction of this Chongqing-Duisburg railroad cargo line in mid-October, manufacturers at China’s inland provinces finally possess a swifter way to send goods to Europe.
The newest 11,179 kilometers line features a predetermined route, schedule, charges, and unloading and loading stations. Additionally, it offers priority over regular railroad lines. All these have made it possible to lower delivery period by Chongqing into Duisburg, Germany, from 3 9 to only 1-3 days how to find a manufacturer in china.
The lineup has two segments. The initial is really a national division that commences at Chongqing and stops at Dazhou in Sichuan state, Ankang and Xi’an in Shaanxi state, Lanzhou in Gansu state, also Urumqi along with the Alashankou border in Xinjiang. It then transverses Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and finishes at Duisburg in Germany.
Before this lineup was opened, shipping through routine freight train could shoot for as long as 39 times. That is because there clearly were unscheduled stops and products must be moved from 1 railroad car car to another, most which induced delays in transport. Transport by sea takes between 27 and 3-5 days, depending upon weather conditions. Air cargo takes only a day but can cost 6 times longer than railroad shipping delivery.
To boost the appeal of the brand new guide railroad connection, Chongqing traditions officials have signed an agreement with their counterparts in Urumqi to facilitate smooth clearance and transport. They have been also coordinating with customs officials in every single country where the line comes with a predetermined stop.
Boon for IT industry
China’s burgeoning IT market is forecast to take whole benefit of the brand new rail, particularly given that several key companies have established factories in Chongqing. One of these are H-P and Foxconn. Not only does exactly the freight lineup create it faster to deliver merchandise to Europe, it takes less time to import parts out of the region too.
Faster delivery period additionally means both the customers and providers can reduce their amount of exposure to foreign fluctuation. Moreover, a stable and dry natural environment is advised in case transporting IT products to prevent harm to the parts and guarantee performance is not affected. However, by means of the existing high price tag of using the Chongqing-Duisburg line, many organizations mean to take this path only for seasonal and orders that are pressing.
At present, notebooks, IT parts, bicycles, chemicals, steel and agricultural products are all shipped across the border via railway. More industries could start using the freight line when costs return. However, this could only be doable if the range of excursions has been raised and more transport businesses open related freight lines to drum up rivalry. Nonetheless this could just lessen the cost difference, maybe not carry down railroad charges into a level lower than or even similar to sending fees.