The Keller Funnel


The Keller Funnel can be a tool employed by cosmetic surgeons to inject a silicone gel into the breast pocket during breast feeding augmentation surgery. This funnel allows surgeons to produce smaller, less invasive incisions, and introduces and employs a fresh”no touch” procedure for application, decreasing the risk of contamination and infection. It’s simpler on a physician’s hands, since it requires less force to use than other procedures, thus finger fatigue is paid off.

Currently the funnel builder secrets of breast augmentations performed from the EU and at least 20 percent of the performed in the United States utilize the Keller Funnel.

Recently, Keller Medical, the company now holding pending patents over the funnel, signed a deal with silicone breast augmentation manufacturer, Monitor, to produce and distribute the funnels all through Canada. It’s estimated that surgeons in China, Thailand and Japan will start using the device since 2014, pending regulatory red tape.

The funnel looks like a pastry bag in shape and function; this is a cone-shaped device made from sterile, sterile nylon, and can be lined with a low-friction hydrophilic coating. This enables surgeons to quickly inject pre-measured amounts of silicon into the breast without difficulty. It is not as messy, reduces surgery and recovery time and can be quite elastic. The Kennel Funnel has been used in both american and gluteal enhancement processes with ideal results. It can also be used in a variety of sizes, shapes and fashions, such as textured, smooth round and form stable, as well as coordinated augmentations.

Many articles and publications have shown this innovative method into the re introduction of silicon while the major material for breast augmentations because of wonder of the cosmetic surgery environment. This process into the thousands and thousands of breast augmentations which can be performed in the US annually has the potential to make an operation having an increasingly diminishing amount of accidents easier, easier and less cumbersome than before. With required training and certification, surgeons will be providing better results without pressure on the human body of this patient, and far less fatigue on the doctor.

So far as surgeon satisfaction is concerned, the Keller Funnel is definitely successful. At least 97 per cent of health practitioners who are using or have used the funnel in operation report exceptionally satisfying outcomes and continue to utilize this gadget. Ninety-eight percent of plastic surgeons that have used the funnel more often than once will or have recommended it to at least one colleague.

Not surprisingly, patient evaluations are both large. When compared to other procedures of augmentation, including the use of saline implants, women report no or less discoloration and are surprised by how quickly and relatively painlessly they have recovered. Breast augmentation surgery won’t ever be wholly noninvasive, dependent on its own nature, however the Keller Funnel is still thought to be the next best thing.